Hello. My name is Francisco Mota, and I am a PhD student in Computer Science at Cornell University.

My research interests include: Foundations, Programming Languages, Type Theory, Computability, Complexity, and Kolmogorov complexity.

For my undergraduate thesis, I worked with Eugene Wallingford. I designed and implemented Fuga, a folding language inspired by Io. It combines the object-oriented and homoiconic programming paradigms.

For my master's thesis, I worked with Luís Antunes and André Souto. I studied sophistication, a lossy version of Kolmogorov complexity. I published a paper in this area -- Sophistication as Randomness Deficiency -- with Scott Aaronson, Luís Antunes, and André Souto. My

You can contact me at "fmota AT fmota DOT eu".

Here is a list of my most recent posts: